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For decades customers have known that when you need to hold the tightest tolerances or have hard to manufacture parts, then Hardinge is the partner you want on your side!

Our latest T-Series CNC lathes from Hardinge not only continue this long tradition but they take our precision capabilities to new heights.



SUPER-PRECISION® is a combination of best practice design and manufacturing of hardware and software integrated into a machine tool that produces the highest level of precision turning centers for production that require the least amount of human intervention in the marketplace today.

Key differentiators that set Hardinge SUPER-PRECISION® Turning Centers Apart:

In Design:
  1. High static stiffness defined by SP accuracy requirements. It was qualified by Finite Element Analysis.
  2. High dynamic stiffness defined by SP roundness and surface finish requirements. It was qualified by Structural Dynamic Analysis.
  3. Composite Harcrete reinforced cast iron (Meehanite) base for superior torsion and bending stiffness and vibration damping.
  4. High precision spindle bearings for collet-ready spindle design
  5. High quality and oversized linear guides and ball screws
  6. High accuracy (0.01micron resolution) digital glass scales
  7. Robust control/wraparound motor/drive package with 0.1 micron (0.000010) resolution.
  8. Turret with BMT Topplate for high stiffness (rigidity)
  9. Built-in thermal management system (fans, chillers, strategically placed insulation) for machine thermal stability.
  10. Detached utilities platform to reduce the effect of heat and vibration from control and hydraulic system has on machine accuracy.
In Manufacturing and Inspection:
  1. Scraped joints for high stiffness and accuracy
  2. Ground surfaces for linear rails for high straightness of linear motion
  3. Two plane dynamic balancing of the spindle assembly resulting in parts with high roundness and surface finish
  4. Laser inspection and compensation of positioning and straightness for X, Y, and Z axes
  5. Ball bar testing for superior geometric accuracy verification.
  6. Minimum step incremental test to verify machine drive system compensation capabilities.
Resulting Performance:
  1. High accuracy of machine geometry: (ISO 230 Standard)
    - up to 2 micron( 0.000080) X position accuracy;
    - up to 3.5 micron( 0.000140) Z position accuracy;
    - up to 2.5 micron( 0.000100) X straightness;
    - up to 2.5 micron( 0.000100) Z straightness;
    - up to 2.5 micron( 0.000100) Z axis alignment to spindle axis.
  2. High roundness (circularity) capability - up to 0.25 micron (0.000010");
  3. High cylindricity capability -up to 0.5 micron (0.000020")*;
  4. High surface finish capability -up to 0.15 micron (0.000006")*;
  5. Unequaled hard turning capability
  6. Unmatched straightness and position compensation capabilities
Providing You:

The most accurate parts coming off a production turning center IN THE WORLD

* May differ depending on machine size and spindle capacity

There are many factors that are involved in maintaining SUPER-PPRECISION tolerances which we will be happy to discuss with you. Please fill out the contact form to request more information or ask our experts a questions by clicking here:

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