from our customers

Below you will find comments from customers who have seen what SUPER-PRECISION® can do for them. Our SUPER-PRECISION® CNC Lathes allow these and others customers to position themselves for the future of High End part manufacturing.

Ohio Tool & Jig Grind's specialty is close tolerance and polished form tools for the Can industry. "Many of the parts have intricate forms with tight profile tolerances that we hard turn on the new Hardinge lathe" commented Craig Price, Manufacturing Manager/Owner. "The decision to buy the T-42 was made when a great customer gave us large orders with short deliveries. Hardinge and our local machine dealer, Gosiger Dayton, went above and beyond typical timelines to get us the machine. I knew from the almost daily calls both parties had people in on weekends to get the machine to us as soon as possible. Gosiger & Hardinge understand it's all about service" said Price.

Conveyor Components Company of Croswell, Michigan is a manufacturer of instrumentation and controls for conveyor systems and conveyor belt cleaning devices. "The tight tolerances that we need to achieve are as low as 0.0002" on some turned parts and bored holes. Our newest Hardinge machine gave us the ability to perform multiple machining operations in a single setup. It reduced our overall number of tool changeovers. This provided a great savings in time and labor, and also increased our overall productivity.

Fort Wayne Mold & Engineering Inc. is a world-class leader in the application of trimless/flashless mold technology. The company, founded in 1978, specializes in such diversified technologies as transfer compression, injection and liquid injection mold-making. Darrell Beverly, Vice President of Manufacturing, comments on the capabilities of their Hardinge Turning Centers "We use them for all of our turning and live tooling operations on various tool steels and 400 series stainless materials both annealed and hardened. We consistently achieve tolerances of .0002" and RMS finishes of 10-15 uin from our SUPER-PRECISION® Hardinge CNC turning centers.

S. Himmelstein and Company is an organization that prides itself on precision. Established in 1960, the company manufacturers the world's finest sensors and data acquisition systems from their Hoffman Estates, Illinois location. CNC machinist John Szatko comments about the work being done on this and other Hardinge turning machines "We rough and finish turn, bore, thread and groove (O.D.-I.D. trepan) parts from 15-5, 17-4, 4340, and 410 stainless steel ranging from 32-50RC hard turning. We also machine nickel and 38RC titanium along with 7075, 6061, aluminum before and after anodizing, bronze, along with certain leaded and cold rolled steels, while holding plus or minus .0001 on diameters and .0002 T.I.R. or better, and 17 or better micro-finish, repeatedly. This surpasses by far other machine builders who could not, would not and will not even attempt to claim these capabilities of their equipment."

With the investment in Hardinge's SUPER-PRECISION® CHNC machines Van Wal is positioned to continue supplying the most accurate parts in the industry. With accuracies of .20 micron (8-micro-inch) Part Surface Finish, .000015" Part Roundness and .0002" Total Variation on Diameter the Hardinge CHNC will allow Van Wal's to continue to quote and produce high-precision components that will be the future of American manufacturing. When you look at other machines that hold these type of tolerances the investment is minimal. With the unique features and specifications previously discussed, the QUEST CHNC is a great complement to swiss machining operations for a much smaller price tag.